Failure to comply with the House Rules will result in privileges being revoked

1. It is understood that all users will abide by all statutes, ordinances, and policies of the State of Hawaiʻi , city, University of Hawaiʻi-System, UH-Mānoa, and the iLAB.

2. Do not install programs on computers, unless prior approval has been obtained.

3. There shall be no permanent attachment of materials on any surface of the building.

4. Trash must be taken out at the end of the event. The dumpster is located across the street.

5. All electrical equipment must be turned off, or unplugged.

6. The kitchen must be clean and left free of leftover food and/or beverages.

7. All doors must be securely locked.

8. Any spills or trash on the floor or table tops need to be cleaned up. Cleaning supplies are located in the custodial closet.

9. Erase all white boards used.

10. Delete all personal files saved on the iLAB computers.

11. Return any materials, equipment that was removed from storage areas.

12. Any card key issued for iLAB access must be returned to the iLAB Staff within 7 days of completion of the scheduled event.